Racks by the Tracks Festival

Racks by the Tracks Festival

Racks by the Tracks Festival

Wine Tasting Event presented by Barefoot Wine

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2017 Racks by the Tracks Wine Tasting presented by Barefoot Wine is all new and improved.


One of the biggest changes attendees will notice this year is the HUGE increase in the selection of wines in the Wine Tasting Event. With new title sponsor, Barefoot Winery coming on board in 2017 the different wines will expand to over 20. Barefoot Wine is the world’s largest wine brand and offers many selections in their portfolio including; Red, White, Pink Refresh, and Bubbly.  The Barefoot Wine Tasting Event will give attendees the experience they are looking for.

With reds, whites, sweet, dry, fruity, Barefoot Wines has one of the most expansive catalogs of wine in the world. Plus, when you buy your ticket to the Wine Tasting Event you will be able to talk with Barefoot Wine experts on what they are serving and what wine will fit you best.

Operating just like the beer tasting, each ticket will get you a commemorative wine tasting glass that will enable you to enjoy the basic steps of tasting a new wine; Sight, Smell, and Taste. And for your enjoyment we have placed the Wine Tasting in the same area as the beer tasting, so you can enjoy your wine and still mingle with your friends and family if they didn’t buy wine tasting tickets.

Tickets to the tasting are only $40 AND include a concert ticket. Like the High Gravity tasting this is a very exclusive ticket as only 500 will be available.

A GREAT WAY TO SAVE: Remember, every Wine Tasting Event Ticket INCLUDES admission to the $20 All-Day Concerts!

For more information on the types of Wine that will be at the festival follow our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/racksbythetracks

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