Racks by the Tracks Festival

Racks by the Tracks Festival

Racks by the Tracks Festival

FAQ: Common Questions

Here are answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

* You can and are encouraged bring a chair to sit in outside

* No chairs are to be set up inside the Farmers Market (this means rain or shine)

* No coolers, outside food/beverages or pets allowed on festival grounds

* No pop-up tents on festival grounds

* Order a ticket online but didn’t immediately receive an e-mail with the tickets attached?
Here’s how to retrieve your tickets in one easy step:  http://bit.ly/rxtrxwheretix14

* Food is purchased from vendors at menu prices

* You only need a ticket for the Concert or the Craft Beer or Wine Tasting Events – there is no ticket required to visit the festival’s food & kid’s areas

* Each craft beer tasting event ticket is a concert ticket as well

* You can enter and exit the ticketed area as many times as you like

* If you are in the craft beer tasting event you cannot take beer samples out of the tasting area

* What’s High Gravity?  What’s Low Gravity? And what do I get for them?

A high gravity beer has 6.25% alcohol by volume or more.  Whereas a low gravity beer is anything lower.

Low-gravs are what most people think of when they think of beers.  But the high-grav beers are starting to gain a lot of popularity, so we offer two ticket options:

– a $45 ticket if you just want to sample low gravities (a beer under 5% alcohol by volume, which are most beers) or
– a $55 High Grav ticket which allows you to sample the the Low Gravity beers and adds 10+ HG beers (beers over 6% ABV).

* Kids under 5 are free into the concert and beer tasting area

* Kids between 6-15 with a concert ticket can be with adults in the craft beer tasting area

* People 16 or older who are not drinking can be in the craft beer tasting event but must have a DD ticket

* Designated Driver (DD) tickets are sold day-of at the Ticketing Booth

* DD tickets are $25 and includes entrance to the all-day concerts and tasting event area

* There is beer/water/soda for sale throughout the festival grounds

* Many area’s of the fesival accept credit card. We can’t be sure which food vendors will though, so bring some cash.

* There is a Cooling Station inside the fence and one outside the fence – this is a large shaded tent with fans

* The City of Kingsport does not put this event on. Although the city helps a lot, it is just two private citizens putting this festival on and raising money for 5 local non-profit organizations.  We sincerely appreciate your support of Racks by the Tracks!

Connect with the festival on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/RacksByTheTracks

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